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Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are great accessories for carpeting or bare floors. Excellent selection of cowhide rugs in different colors and sizes. Each one is unique, and makes a beautiful accent for home or office. Most of the rugs are a single cowhide, while others are patchwork rugs made from different pieces of cowhide to make a certain design or shape. Please scroll down for good information to know before buying a cowhide rug.

Below: A cowhide rug on a wood floor

Cowhide rug on a wood floor

Below are cowhide rugs for sale on eBay.

About Cowhide Rugs

First off, exactly what is a cowhide rug? There is not a set-in-stone definition for a "cowhide rug" but most people use the term to describe the tanned hide of a bovine (heifer, cow, steer, or bull) that is the right size to be considered a rug.

Most often a cowhide rug will still have the hair on, but not always. If the hair has been left on and the hide has been tanned properly the hair will be soft to the touch and comfortable to sit on or for bare feet to walk on, and will not shed.

A cowhide rug on carpet

Caring For Your Cowhide Rug

What Is A Brindle Cowhide?

You may have noticed that some cowhide rugs are described as "brindle." What is that? Brindle is a coat coloring found in some breeds of cattle. The brindle color is made up of thin stripes of alternating colors. A brindle colored cow (or heifer, steer, or bull) can be all brindle, but they might also be brindle on some parts of their body with other areas being a different color such as spots, speckles, or a solid color. The brindle color typically only occurs in certain breeds of cattle, such as the Texas Longhorn.

Other animals besides cattle can also have a brindle coat color. Some dogs, for example, might be brindle. The brindle coloring also occurs in horses although it is rare.

Cowhide Rugs - Good Things To Know Before You Buy

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