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Cowboy Night Light

The Cowboy Night Light, made by High Country Plastics, is a lighted, life-size (or close to it) steer head that is powered by solar power and a rechargeable battery. With a horn spread of approximate 24 inches, and a height of about 15.5 inches, this night light is not to be confused with those small, plug-it-into-an-indoor-outlet-in-the-house night lights! This charming beast is meant to be displayed outside mounted on a stake in the ground (provided), or hung on the side of a barn or shed (mounting brackets provided).

Below: The Cowboy Night Light mounted on a barn.

The Cowboy Night Light mounted on a barn impression pixel

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About The Cowboy Night Light

The Cowboy Night Light is an outdoor night light in the shape of a steer head. The following information is provided by its maker, High Country Plastics:


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