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Bronc Halters

Bronc halters for riding horses for sale. This type of bronc halter has a large nose piece similar to the halters on bucking horses.

The term "bronc halter" can sometimes be confusing. It can be used to refer to the type of halter put on a bucking horse for the saddle bronc riding event. Or, like the halters on this page, it means a style of halter with a similar look but made to use on any horse.

Bronc halters are characterized by a large leather nosepiece. The rest of the halter (crown, cheek pieces, throatlatch, etc.) might be made of rope, nylon, leather, or other material depending on the individual halter. A nice thing about many of the bronc halters for sale on below is that they are custom made or custom decorated to give you and your horse a special, unique, look.

Below: A bronc halter on a saddle horse.

A bronc halter on a roan horse

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Bronc Halters: Good Things To Know Before You Buy

About Saddle Bronc Riding

In a "regular" rodeo (as opposed to a ranch rodeo) there are two types of bronc riding: Bareback bronc riding and saddle bronc riding. While there are similarities between the two events, there are also several important differences.

For one thing, in bareback bronc riding the bronc does not wear a saddle or halter. In saddle bronc riding, however, the bronc wears a special bronc riding saddle, and also a special halter called a bronc halter. It's this bronc halter - from the saddle bronc riding event - that bronc halters for saddle horses are patterned after.

Below: A bronc halter on a saddle bronc (bucking) horse.

A bronc halter on a saddle bronc

Below is a brief description of a few of the differences between saddle bronc riding and bareback bronc riding.


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