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What Are Slobber Straps?

Slobber straps are pieces of leather that attach reins to a bit.

Below are details about what slobber straps are, and how they differ from water loops.

Slobber straps generally serve three purposes:

Slobber straps can be plain, or fancy with tooling, lacing, buckles, conchos, etc. They can be used with mecates or split reins.

Below: Cowhide-covered slobber straps being used with a nylon mecate.

Slobber straps being used with a mecate

From Etsy

From Etsy. Article continues below.

Slobber Straps vs. Water Loops

A "water loop" is similar to a slobber strap. Water loops are smaller and less fancy than slobber straps, but share some of the same purposes: They take some of the regular wear-and-tear of daily use off of the reins, they can add a little bit of weight to help enhance "feel," and they make it easy to attach reins to a bit.

However, since most water loops are smaller, simpler, and a lot less fancy than many slobber straps, they're typically far less expensive to replace if worn out or broken.

Some people use the terms "slobber straps" and "water loops" interchangeably, but most folks consider them to be two different, if somewhat similar, items.

Below: The blue arrow is pointing to what are frequently called "water loop" ends or "rein ends" being used with a pair of leather split reins.

Water loops with split reins

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