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What Are Some Dumb Things To Say To A Horse Lover?

We've all experienced it. Someone finds out you're a horse lover, then says something really dumb.

A horse lover hugging a horse


Dumb Things To Say To Someone Who Loves Horses

Sometimes, it seems like when someone finds out you're a horse lover they can't wait to say something dumb. They might say it innocently, but at other times they're just rude. Either way, you have your horses and you're happy, so you don't care. It just gives you something fun to laugh about with your horse- loving friends.

Here are 8 dumbs things to say to a horse lover. There are also some replies we've thought of in our head, but we've never said them out loud because our momma taught us to be polite.

  1. "You'll Outgrow It"
    In this case, "it" is referring to your love of horses. Are these people crazy? On second thought, don't answer that. We know they are. They're the crazy ones for saying it because if horses are in your blood, you'll never outgrow it.
  2. You'll forget about horses when you get interested in boys/girls.
    I'm already interested in boys/girls. They're called stallions, geldings, and mares.
  3. How do you stand the smell?
    I love the smell. It smells like barn, dirt, air, manure, sweat, and horses. I love it all.
  4. Don't you wish you had friends instead?
    I have friends. They're my horses. I also have horse friends (the people kind). And don't forget my eclectic assortment of dogs, cats, goats, curious rabbits, and barn owls. Oh, and the UPS guy. He delivers horse stuff to me all the time (and he likes the smell, too!).

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  1. You must be rich.
    Um, no. But I do make a lot of financial sacrifices to own and keep my horses. Happy to do it.
  2. You're spoiled.
    If you call sacrificing, working hard, and managing my time so I can have my horses, then yes, I'm spoiled. The world would probably be a better place if everyone was this spoiled.
  3. You're going to get hurt.
    Maybe. Horses are large, powerful animals and sometimes they're unpredictable. But I work hard to keep them and myself safe. Speaking of safe, be sure to have a safe drive home while you're speeding and texting.
  4. You should save the money you're spending on your horse for a dowry.
    Here at CowboyWay, our Grandmother said this to us. Looked us right in the eye when she said it, too. We didn't have a comeback for it then, and we don't have a comeback for it now. (Were we actually related to his person?)

What dumb thing has someone said to you about your horses?

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