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Tapaderos, or "taps," are also sometimes called "hooded stirrups."

Tapaderos serve several purposes: They deflect brush to help keep the rider's foot from being pulled loose from the stirrup; they prevent the foot from being stabbed with cacti or thorns; they provide protection from weather (they're a particular favorite with some riders for cold-weather riding); and they prevent the rider's foot from going through the stirrup, helping to avoid potentially serious accidents.

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Below: A beautifully tooled tapadera ("tapadera" is the singular of "tapaderos").


While riders of all types ride with tapaderos, they are particularly favored among working cowboys, people that ride in cold conditions, and trail riders. They are also frequently used with young riders, as many parents and riding instructors feel they are an essential safety precaution.

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Tapaderos - Good Things To Know Before You Buy

Tapaderos (hooded stirrups) Tapaderos on a working cowboy's saddle


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