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Mayatex Saddle Pads

Below you will find Mayatex saddle pads and blankets for sale. There is usually an excellent selection to choose from in all types and styles.

 A Mayatex saddle pad in blue and black colors
The Mayatex Catalina Saddle Blanket - From Amazon

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About Mayatex Saddle Pads

Mayatex makes Western saddle pads known for quality, innovative designs, and beautiful colors. From stylish show blankets that set or follow the newest trends, to durable blankets for use on the farm or ranch, Mayatex makes a large variety of saddle blankets to meet your exacting needs.

Mayatex was founded by Joyce Dobkins in 1944. Joyce had become very knowledgeable in Mayan culture and textiles while living in Guatemala. Her love of textiles is what caused her to open her own weaving business with her sister, Carmen Drake.

The sisters' first successes were found making women's fashions, but in 1959 the two women began concentrating their talents on saddle blankets. Over time Joyce and Carmen developed weaving techniques and designs that set new standards not only for woven saddle blankets but also for tapestries and floor coverings.

Today the Mayatex brand name of saddle blankets and pads is recognized by horsemen to mean a quality product with with beautiful colors and tapestry.

Mayatex and Cashmillon

Cashmillon is a synthetic fiber used by Mayatex in some of their products. It is not wool or some other type of natural fiber. Many people are confused about this and an eBay seller may describe Cashmillon as "Cashmillon Wool" or "Cashmilloon Wool."

However, as we said a moment ago, Cashmillon is a synthetic fiber. Cashmillon absorbs dye very well and produces a soft-feeling saddle blanket with brilliant, bright colors. Mayatex recommends a saddle blanket made with Cashmillon be used in a show environment where durability is not your first concern.

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