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Cowboy Night Latches For Sale

A cowboy night latch is a leather strap (or something similar) attached to the front of the saddle.

Riders use a night latch to help them keep a deep seat when a horse is bucking. Some riders also like to use one when riding in rough country. For more information on night latches, please scroll down.

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Below: A young contestant in the pony bronc riding event uses a night latch.

Cowboy night latch

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About Night Latches

A rider grabs onto, and pulls on, a cowboy night latch when a horse is bucking to help pull themselves deeper into the saddle. A night latch is typically a leather strap, a short piece of rope, or something similar, that has been run through the gullet of the saddle.

A night latch is used instead of saddle strings or rope straps because these are likely to break or come loose from the saddle if pulled on while a horse is bucking.

Night latches are commonly used by working cowboys and cowgirls, as well as any rider who simply feels the need for one.

Depending on the rules, night latches are also sometimes used during the competitive ranch bronc riding event.

Below: A cowboy in the ranch bronc riding event uses a night latch.

A cowboy uses his rope as a night latch



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