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Horse Combo Boots

When referring to horses, the phrase "combo boots" is a short expression meaning "combination boots."

A combo boot is a combination of protective boots for a horse that would otherwise be two or more separate boots. Please scroll to the bottom of the page underneath the boots for sale for more information.

Below: Combo boots on the front legs of a horse at a team sorting.

Combo boots on a horse

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Combo Boot Savvy

What is a "combo" boot? A combo boot is a protective boot worn by horses to protect their legs during hard or active use such as barrel racing, roping, etc. Combo boots are designed to prevent injury if a horse should interfere (when a horse accidentally strikes itself with one of its own legs), and to prevent a burning sensation when the horse drives its legs into the ground during tight turns or hard stops.

A combo boot is a combination of protective boots that would otherwise be worn alone, or, if worn with other boots, all the boots would be worn as separate pieces.

For example, a combo boot could be a combination of a splint boot and a bell boot. A combo boot could also be a combination of a splint boot and a skid boot, or a combination of a splint boot, skid boot, and a bell boot.

The term "combo" boot in and of itself does not exactly describe what type of protective boot the boot is since there are several possible combinations. Depending on the type of combo boot, it may be designed to be worn on the front legs, the rear legs, or both.


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