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Rodeo Chaps

Rodeo chaps are a style of batwings chaps. They often come in bright colors with long fringe to showcase the action of bronc and bull riding. Below are new and used rodeo chaps for sale.

There is usually an excellent selection of chaps in adult and youth sizes. Please scroll down for tips on buying rodeo chaps on the Web or anywhere else. You might also like: Batwing Chaps.

Below: A bronc or bull rider wearing brightly colored rodeo chaps with long fringe.

Rodeo chaps with a bright color, long frine, and contrasting accents

From eBay and Etsy

Most of the rodeo chaps we've seen on eBay are ready to ship. The rodeo chaps on Etsy, however, are usually a mix of ready-to-ship and custom made.

See more rodeo chaps on Etsy

See more rodeo chaps on eBay

Rodeo Chaps: Good Things To Know Before Buying

Rodeo Chaps Photos

Below: A bull rider wearing a helmet, bull riding vest, and rodeo chaps.

Rodeo chaps on a bull rider


Below: Brightly colord, tiger-striped rodeo chaps.

Tiger-striped rodeo chaps

New To eBay?

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