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Bull Riding Helmets

Below are bull riding helmets for sale. You can usually find helmets in both adult and youth sizes, new and used.

Bull riding helmets are different than helmets designed for other sports. Other helmets cannot withstand the same amount of force a bull riding helmet can and they may not be designed to dissipate force the same way a bull riding helmet does.

In addition, the face guards of other sports helmets (that aren't bull riding helmets) might have spacing that won't block a regulation-sized bull horn and/or that won't allow a bull rider to tuck his or her chin.

For more information about bull riding helmets, including photos of a face guard protecting a bull rider from a horn in the face, please scroll down beneath the items for sale.

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Below: A bull rider that his head after coming off a bull.

An unconscience bull rider

From eBay and Amazon

Plus a few accessories from Etsy.

See more bull riding helmets on eBay

Bull Riding Helmets - Good Things To Know Before You Buy

Photos Of A Bull Riding Helmet At Work

A bull rider gets bucked off then comes face to face with a bull.

Bull riding helmet on a fallen bull rider


In the next moment the bull horns the bull rider in the face guard of his helmet, picking him up off the ground and sending him flying backwards through the air. The bull rider was unhurt.

Bull rider getting hit by a bull in the helment


Below: A rodeo bull fighter gets thrown into the air by a bull. This photo isn't about helmets, it's just a cool photo.

A rodeo bull fighter gets thrown into the air by a bull


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