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Women's Western Chaps

Chaps are leather leg coverings worn by horseback riders – typically cowboys and cowgirls – as protection against weather, timber, brush, rope burns, and other hazards.

Western chaps are buckled around the waist, and are open in the back so a rider’s seat is not covered. In addition to being worn from protection, they are also frequently worn for showing horses. Please scroll down for good information to know before buying women's Western chaps.

Below: Women's leather shotgun chaps.

Leather women's Western chaps

From eBay and Etsy

As you probably already know, the only difference between men's and women's chaps is their size. Many Etsy sellers offer customized chaps made to your specific measurements.

See more women's Western chaps on Etsy

See more women's Western chaps on eBay

Women's Western Chaps: Good Things To Know Before You Buy

Below: Shotgun chaps on a woman roper.

Tan shotgun chaps on a woman

Below: A young lady wearing batwing chaps.

A woman wearing bating chaps

Pronouncing Chaps

Chaps are pronounced with a soft "ch" which means they are pronounced "shaps."


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