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Twisted X Boots Review


Here at we purchased our first pair of Twisted X boots a few years ago. Family and friends had recommended them, so we decided to try a pair.

We purchased Twisted X model MBK0008, a style in the "buckaroo" style of boot made by Twisted X. They have high tops, a riding heel with a good spur ledge, and the Twisted X reputation for comfort.

Below: Twisted X boots model MBK0008.

New pair of Twisted X boots


Here is a description and some specifications of Twisted X boots model MBK0008 provided by Twisted X Boots (<<< this link will open in a new window):

"This category is designed for the working cowboy/cowgirl. The heel is under slung but has a long base that gives you the stability and comfort you need for ground work. The heel rand is extended, just right, for a heavy banded spur and the shafts are taller for leg protection. The welt and mid sole are extended towards the waist for the cowboy who rides oxbows. If you work feed lots you'll be happy to know that the out sole is bonded, which eliminates the probability of “feed lot stuff” rotting the welt threads. We think this is the best using boot made for the working cowboy/cowgirl."

Style: #MBK0008
Description: Men's buckaroo boots, rust foot, olive top, round toe, 3/4 welted boot, rubber midsole, super slab rubber outsole, spur rest heel.
Leather: Genuine leather
Toe: U toe (round toe)
Heel: Cowboy underslung, spur rest
Height: 16"
Insole: Moisture wicking, antibacterial, machine washable, cushion footbed, over stabilizing composite shank.
Midsole: Rubber
Outsole: 50k super slab working cowboy

Here are a few more photos of the  boots while they were still new.

Below: The side.

Twisted X boots: side view


Below: Close-up of the spur ledge (also called a "spur rest"). We measured the spur ledge, and it was 1/4 inch deep at the very back of the heel.

Spur ledge on a pair of Twisted X boots


Below: Close-up of the side and heel.

Twisted X boot side and heel


Below: The sole.

Twisted X boot sole


We got home with our Twisted X boots on a Friday night. The following Monday and Tuesday we put them on to ship some yearlings.

We thought wearing them to ship was a risky decision. While they felt comfortable around the house they weren't broken in and there was the nagging thought they could start to hurt or rub when we were away from the house. We took a chance and wore them anyway.

They felt great the whole time. Both days were from before-light until late morning, involved a moderate amount of not-too-difficult riding, and plenty of time on foot running up and down alongside alleyways loading the yearlings onto trucks. In spite of the ground being uneven and covered with rocks of all sizes, they were very comfortable.

Below: Twisted X brand cowboy boots, model MBK0008.

Twisted X boots in a stirrup


Since those first couple of days we've worn and/or ridden in our Twisted X boots nearly every day. While most of the riding has been moderate, there have also been plenty of days of harder riding (fast starts and stops, hard turns, speed over uneven ground, etc.).

They are holding up very well. They have also remained very comfortable, easily the most comfortable boots we've had in a long time. We've had several pairs of Ariat boots which have also been very comfortable, but we haven't been able to find Ariats with the riding heel, spur ledge, and taller top that we like. This model of Twisted X has those things, and the comfort, too.


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