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Boot Butler Review

Below: The Boot Butler holding 5 pairs of work boots.

The Boot Butler holding 5 pairs of boots


What Is The Boot Butler?

The Boot Butler is a handy accessory designed to hang tall boots neatly with easy access.

One Boot Butler is actually five separate modular units that can be used together or independently. Each unit is a heavy-duty hanger with a "U" shaped attachment (called the "legs" and "feet") underneath it.

You simply hang the Boot Butler on a bar in your closet, then slide your boots onto the legs and feet. That's it...there's no need for clips or anything else.

Below: The names of the different parts of the Boot Butler. (Photo courtesy of Boot Butler. Used with permission.)

Naming the parts of the Boot Butler


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The Boot Butler is designed to hang pairs of boots vertically or horizontally.

If you want to hang your boots vertically you simply hang the first Boot Butler unit directly onto a closet bar. Because each unit has a place underneath it to receive a hanger, you can then hang the next unit onto the one above it.

In this way, you can hang a vertical column of boots in a narrow space. See the photo higher on this page.

To hang your boots horizontally, hang each Boot Butler unit directly onto a closet bar, independent of the other units. You can hang them side-by-side, or wherever you want.

Below: A single, empty, Boot Butler modular unit. You can hang each Boot Butler unit independently like this one, or hang them one underneath the other to form a column.

An empty Boot Bootler


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What We Wanted The Boot Butler For

We wanted to use the Boot Butler to help get a pile of "everyday using" boots off the floor of our walk-out basement.

This pile of boots contained two pair of tall mud/work boots, one pair medium-height cowboy boots for "clean" occasions, my beloved pair of Twisted X, high-top, riding boots (with spurs that are never removed), and a pair of short hiking-type boots.

We had a closet rack full of work coats and gloves in the basement and that's where we hung the Boot Butler. I wondered if the folks at the company would have offered us one if they had known it was headed for such an unglamorous life.

Below: The Boot Butler holding a single pair of tall riding boots with spurs. The boots are not only off the floor and handy to get to, the Boot Butler helps keep the shape of the tall tops.

One pair of riding boots on the Boot Butler



The Boot Butler comes unassembled but it goes together quickly and easily without any tools. To assemble it you attach a hanger to each set of legs, then snap the feet into place on the ends of the legs. It only takes a few moments.

In the video at the bottom of the page, 33 seconds in, you can see the assembly.

Using The Boot Butler

When you hang the Boot Butler you have several choices.

You can hang each modular unit independently, or you can hang them in a vertical column, one beneath the other.

You can also choose to hang it so that the soles of the boots face toward the wall, or you can turn it around so that the soles face away from the wall.

Below: You can hang boots on the Boot Butler with the soles facing in our out. (Photo courtesy of Boot Butler. Used with permission.)

Showing boots on the Boot Butler facin in and out


At first we chose to hang the Boot Butler so it formed a vertical column of boots, 5 pairs, one beneath the other, with the soles facing "in" (see above image), which means they faced towards the wall.

In no time we had a neat hanging column of 5 pairs of work and riding boots that had formerly been sprawled out across the basement floor. We were definitely pleased.

Like we mentioned above, we first hung the Boot Butler so that the soles of the boots were facing in, toward the wall. With the boots facing this direction, to take down a pair we wanted to wear meant we had to lift off the individual unit that held the boots, tip it forward slightly, and let the boots slip right off. This was fast and easy.

But when we wanted to hang the boots back up again, well, that was sometimes awkward. To hang them back up meant putting the boots side-by-side on the floor, then sliding the legs and feet of the Boot Butler down their tops and into the toes. This was also fast and easy.

However, when we went to hang the unit back up again in the middle of a vertical column of hanging boots, it wasn't always easy to find the right place to set the hanger.

Sometimes we could hit the correct spot right away, but at other times there was a lot of fishing around, looking for the right place to hang it. Maybe it had something to do with the types of boots we had: They were work-type boots with heavy, wide soles that made it difficult to see around.

Even so, at this point we still liked the Boot Butler. It was easy to get a pair of boots down, only occasionally awkward to hang a pair back up again, and having our boots off the floor in an easy-to-see narrow column was worth it.

Turning It Around and Discovering Love

Things went from "like" to "love" with the Boot Butler when we turned it around.

One day we turned the Boot Butler around so the soles of the boots were facing into the basement (toward us instead of away from us).

Facing this way, you remove and replace each individual boot one-by-one, instead of lifting off a Boot Butler unit. This was perfect for us, and we now officially love the Boot Butler and would hate to be without it.

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Boot Butler Video


We love our Boot Butler. Our boots are finally off the floor, it doesn't take up much space to hang 5 pairs of boots, we can see and find the right pair easily, and the feet and legs of the Boot Butler helps keep the tops of our tall riding boots straight and crease-free.

Like we said at the top of this page, the Boot Butler is a win.

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