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Easy Wormer Drench Bit Review

Below: The Easy Wormer by Grooma. The black mouthpiece goes into the horse's mouth like a bit. One-half of the mouthpiece is hollow so paste de-wormer can be squirted through it. The white plunger is to push any wormer remaining in the tube into the mouth.

Easy Wormer drench bit for horses


Several years ago here at we bought a two-year old filly that had had 30 days of riding, but not a lot of handling.

She was a nice, gentle natured young horse but didn't have a lot of manners or experience being handled, and she definitely thought a paste de-worming syringe was some sort of demon.

We wanted to larvicidal de-worm her right away, which meant we would need to administer paste de-wormer every day for five days. And, of course, we wanted to avoid fights and keep her stress level at a minimum.

Enter the Easy Wormer. We'd seen it online and in stores and decided to give it a try.

Below: The Easy Wormer showing that half the mouthpiece is a hollow tube.

Easy Wormer mouthpiece

The Easy Wormer - General Info

The "Easy Wormer" is a patent-pending "drench bit" co-developed by Sir Mark James Todd, New Zealand horseman and two-time Olympic gold medalist in Three-Day Eventing (1984, 1988).

The Easy Wormer is a very simple device. It comes with a nylon strap for a headstall, and a hard plastic mouthpiece that is half solid bar, and half hollow tube.

To use the Easy Wormer, you put it on the horse similar to a bridle. Insert the tip of the paste wormer syringe into the opening (see the blue arrow in the photo below), and squirt the wormer through the hollow tube and into the horse's mouth.

It comes with a white, hard plastic plunger to push the last of the medication out of the tube and into the mouth.

Below: The blue arrow is showing where to squirt the paste de-wormer or other medication.

Horse wearing the Easy Wormer


The Easy Wormer - How It Worked For Us

The Easy Wormer was a good purchase for us, and worked well.

The filly we described in the first paragraph accepted the Easy Wormer right away, and had only a mild, curious reaction when the de-wormer exited the hollow tube and landed on her tongue. She tasted the de-wormer, and we let her move around a step or two where she stopped on her own.

We gave her a little more wormer, and finally finished by using the white plunger to push the last of the wormer out of the tube into her mouth. She was quiet and calm the entire time.

We de-wormed her again the next four days in a row. She remained quiet, never seemed stressed, and it was an easy, one-person process. Since that time we have used the Easy Wormer on several other horses with similar results.

Easy Wormer On eBay

Easy Wormer On Amazon

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To be honest, whether it's for de-worming or administering medication, most of the time we don't need to use the Easy Wormer.

But when we do have a horse that gets overly agitated when administering oral medications, the Easy Wormer makes it a much simpler, less stressful event.

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