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Faux Leather Tablecloths

With a faux leather tablecloth you can get the look and charm of real leather without the cost or care requirements of the real thing.

Faux leather tablecloths are available in a variety of materials including cotton, vinyl, linen, and more. Below are faux leather tablecloths for sale.

Below: A beautiful faux leather tablecloth from Zazzle.

Smoked Brown Faux Leather Tablecloth
Faux Leather, Fringe, Buckle Smoked Brown Tablecloth
by DesignGallery

From eBay

The faux leather tablecloths from eBay are made from a variety of materials including vinyl, cotton, linen, and more.

See faux leather tablecloths on eBay

See faux leather tablecloths on Amazon

From Zazzle

Zazzle can print almost anything and everything, beautifully, including tablecloths with faux leather designs. The last time we checked, the tablecloths from Zazzle are:

However, we don't guarantee any information found here to be accurate. When considering ordering a tablecloth or any other item from Zazzle read the product description for the latest and most accurate information.

4 Leather, Western Style, with Faux Stitches Tablecloth
4 Leather, Western Style, with Faux Stitches Tablecloth
by OrderOnLine

Faux Leather Natural Brown Tablecloth
Faux Leather Natural Brown Tablecloth
by allpattern

Faux Black Leather Tablecloth
Faux Black Leather Tablecloth
by allpattern

See more faux leather tablecloths on Zazzle

What Is Leather?

Leather is the hide of an animal that has been "tanned," or chemically altered to make the hide more durable, long lasting, resistant to wear and rot, softer, and more pliable. We often think of leather as being the tanned hide of cattle, but it can also be the tanned hide of other animals, too.

What Is Faux Leather?

"Faux" is a French word meaning imitation, false, or not genuine. Faux leather, then, is something that is not real leather. The goal of using faux leather instead of real leather usually involves at least two things: Lower cost (real leather can be pricey) and easier care (real leather requires routine care to keep it looking good and from drying out).

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