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After you have finished step 4 on the previous page, the basic honda knot has been tied. However, it needs to be pulled tight.

How To Tie A Honda (you are on page 2 of 2)

Pull on your knot as shown by the blue arrows (you will be pulling in opposite directions). Push up where the red arrow is pointing.

After you have the knot snug, but not completely tight, shape the honda with your hands. If it isn't the right size adjust your knot to increase or decrease the size of the honda.

Tighten the honda and shape it with your hands


After you get your honda the way you want it, pull the knot tight and keep pushing up where the red arrow is pointing.

For the knot to be tight, the part the red arrow is pointing to will need to be level, or close to level, from left to right. That's easy to do using a soft rope like the one we're using in our demonstration, but can be much harder with a lariat-type of rope. Some folks get pretty creative when tightening their honda knots, like sticking the knot between a gate and a post and pulling, etc.

Continue to tighten the knot



Your honda knot (inside the blue circle) is finished!

Tie a honda knot - the finished knot


Remember, our demonstration rope is a soft household-use type of rope (soft ropes are easy to practice tying knots with). When you tie a honda in a rope you actually intend to rope something with, you will need a knot in the tail of the rope. This missing knot, called a stopper knot, is shown by the red circle in the photo below.

Without a stopper knot in the tail of the rope your honda knot won't stay tied when pressure is put on it during roping - the tail of the rope will simply slide through the honda knot and the whole thing will come untied.

To learn how to tie one type of stopper knot that works well with a honda knot, you can see this page: How To Tie A Stopper Knot For A Honda.

The red circle shows where the tail knot should be

You're Done!

You are done tying your honda. Add a burner of your choice and you're ready to go. Remember to try to tie your hondas by holding your rope straight in front of you instead of from the side as shown in the photos. Tying a honda from the side might make you fight the natural twist in the rope and you'll wind up with a crooked honda. If you want to put a plastic speed burner on your honda we have some great tips on how to do that here: How to put a speed burner on a honda.

How To Tie A Honda (you are on page 2 of 2)


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