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Below are ranch rodeo photos of different events and from different locations.

A ranch rodeo is a rodeo where contestants compete as teams from ranches instead of as individuals like a "regular" rodeo.

While the events at a ranch rodeo vary, they commonly include sorting, doctoring, wild cow milking, ranch bronc riding, branding, mugging, and/or others. A description of ranch rodeo events can be found at the bottom of page 2 of our ranch rodeo photos beneath the pictures.

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A steer leaps into the air with two cowboys holding on


A young boy ropes a steer during a ranch rodeo


A cowboy jumps off of a palomino horse to help his teammates

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A cowboy mugs a steer


At a ranch rodeo a cowboy holds onto a steer


A cowboy covered in mug holds a steer down at a ranch rodeo


A cowboy rides into the dust


A roper concentrates as he swings his loop


A cowboy gets lifted off the ground during a ranch rodeo


During a ranch rodeo a cowboy slides up his horse's neck

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