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Below are pictures from a very muddy women's ranch rodeo.

As you can see from the pictures the arena had been saturated with rain. The competing cowgirls, however, rose to the challenge and cowgirl'd up, competing with everything they had.

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Heavy rain clouds over a women's ranch rodeo


Three cowgirls try to mug a calf in the mud


A calf and two cowgirls in the mud

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Three cowgirls in deep mud with a calf


A cowgirl looks down at herself and all the mud


Two cowgirls gallop down a muddy arena


A cowgirl carries her boot that was sucked off in the mud


A cowgirl on a Paint horse chase a steer


Three cowgirls finish tying their steer


A women's ranch rodeo team completes the tie-down event


Four cowgirls covered in mud work to tie their steer


Cowgirls covered in mud


A lone cowgirl covered in mud and her horse

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