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Below are pictures from the ranch bronc riding event.

Ranch bronc riding (also called "ranch rodeo bronc riding") is an action packed, "ride as ride can" event often held as part of a ranch rodeo. You can find more information on ranch bronc riding lower on this page, beneath the pictures.

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Ranch bronc riding


A bronc in the ranch bronc riding

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A bronc bucking


A ranch bronc rider on a bay horse


A sorrel ranch bronc bucking at the WRCA Finals

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About Ranch Bronc Riding

Ranch bronc riding (or ranch rodeo bronc riding) is an exciting event often held as part of a ranch rodeo. (A ranch rodeo is a rodeo where contestants compete as teams from ranches, not as individuals as in a "regular" rodeo. In addition, the events at a ranch rodeo are different than in a regular rodeo.)

The ranch bronc riding event is unique in ranch rodeo in that it is the only event in which only one team member competes instead of the entire team. At some ranch rodeos the ranch bronc riding event is a stand-alone event, meaning it is held with the rest of the rodeo, but the results are not included with the other ranch rodeo events.

Ranch Bronc Riding Rules - An Overview

The rules for ranch rodeo bronc riding can vary from one competition to the next. The rules can vary according to whether or not the event is sanctioned by a governing body (such as the Working Ranch Cowboys Association), or according to the preferences of the hosting rodeo committee.

The rules provided below are common, but are given for descriptive and general overview purposes only; the rules for any particular ranch bronc riding event you may compete in or watch are likely to be different.

Remember, the rules shown above are given for a general description of the ranch rodeo bronc riding event only. Rules can and do vary from one ranch bronc riding event to another.


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