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Horse Drawn Wagons

Below is an excellent selection of horse drawn wagons and accessories for sale. Some of them are for actual use, while others are for display purposes.

A wagon is a horse-drawn vehicle with four wheels made for hauling goods of various kinds, and/or for carrying people. A wagon can be contrasted to a cart, which has two wheels and is designed to carry people; or a carriage which has four wheels like a wagon but is primarily designed for carrying people instead of hauling goods.

The phrase "horse drawn," when used for defining a wagon, can be a bit misleading: "Horse drawn" when used in this manner is a generic phrase that also means the wagon can be pulled by other types of animals such as mules or oxen. For good things to know before buying a wagon, please scroll down beneath the items for sale.

Below: A team of six horses pulling a horse drawn wagon.

A six horse team pulling a horse drawn wagon

From eBay

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Below: A red horse drawn wagon being shown in six horse hitch competition.

A red horse drawn wagon


Horse Drawn Wagons - Good Things To Know Before You Buy

Below are a few good things to know before buying a horse drawn wagon on the Web or anywhere else.

About Wagons

As we mentioned at the top of this page a wagon is a four-wheeled vehicle pulled by work animals (commonly horses, mules, or oxen) made for hauling goods and/or cargo. While wagons are typically considered a conveyance to transport items, not people, it is not uncommon for them to transport people as well.

Below is a wagon whose design was originally intended to haul goods. This one though, has been modified to add extra seating in the back. It is used to carry people on wagon rides.

A covered wagon used for wagon rides


This wagon is similar to the one above. Instead of being used as horse drawn wagon, however, it has been retired from actual use and is now for display.

A wagon on display


Wagons are commonly used for display purposes only. This one makes a beautiful planter.

A formerly horse drawn wagon being used as a planter


This beautiful horse drawn wagon is in excellent condition and is used competitively to show in six horse hitch competitions.

A six horse hitch draws a wagon

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