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Horse Carts For Sale

Below is an excellent selection of horse carts and accessories for sale. There is a wide variety of arts, buggies, and wagons for sale, along with parts, harness, etc.

For good things to know before you buy a cart, buggy, or wagon, please scroll down the page for a brief article below the items for sale.

Below: A Gypsy horse pulling a cart.

Horse drawn cart

From eBay

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Types Of Horse Carts, Buggies, and Wagons

Cart - A horse drawn cart is usually a lightweight, two-wheeled vehicle used primarily for the transportation of people. A cart is usually pulled by one horse.

Below: A single horse resting while harnessed to a cart.

A resting horse harnessed to a cart


Chuck Wagon - A chuck wagon is a type of wagon specially built for carrying and preparing food. Chuck wagons are probably best recognized by their back, which has a drop-down tail gate that covers drawers and other storage compartments when moving, and that serves as a work surface or table when opened up and dropped down. Chuck wagons originated in the American West during the 1700s for use during cattle drives.

Below: A chuck wagon.

A chuckwagon


Stage Coach - A type of coach best known for being used as public transportation in the American West during the 1700 and 1800 hundreds. Stage coaches traveled from station to station (or from "stage" to "stage"), stopping at each station to change horses and allow the passengers a chance to rest.

Below: A stage coach being pulled by a team of Belgian horses.

Stage coach and a team of Belgian horses


Wagon - A wagon is a four-wheeled vehicle built mainly for the hauling and transporting of goods. Wagons are usually pulled by two or more horses, depending on the size and weight of the load.

Below: A black wagon.

A black wagon and a team of Percherons


Horse Carts, Buggies, and Wagons - Good Things To Know Before You Buy

Below: A pair of Fjord ponies pulling a horse wagon, as opposed to a horse cart.

A horse carriage, not a horse cart

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