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Below pictures of draft horses and harness horses.

Draft horses are large and heavily muscled, and bred to pull or carry loads that would be too heavy for other types of horses. Harness horses have a smaller and lighter build than draft horses, and are used for pulling lighter loads such as carriages, buggies, and smaller coaches or wagons.

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A team of Belgian draft horses pulling a stagecoach. Belgians are the most popular breed of draft horses in the United States. You can shop for carts, wagons, and buggies here.

Draft horses: Belgians pull a stagecoach


A Haflinger pulling a cart. Haflingers are known for their beautiful chestnut color with thick flaxen manes and tails.

A single Halflinger pulling a cart

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A half-Belgian, half Quarter Horse gelding. After spending his life as a ranch horse, he's shown here in retirement.

A retired half-Belgian draft horse in a pasture


A Friesian mare pulling a buggy. Friesians are almost always black in color, and originated in the province of Friesland in the Netherlands. Though powerfully built, Friesian's are considered to be a type of harness horse instead of a draft horse.

Friesian pulling a buggy


A team of Belgians pulling a stagecoach.

Draft horses


A team of harness horses pulling a covered wagon.

Harness horses

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