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Hoofjack Hoof Stands

The Hoofjack hoof stand for horses is an innovative tool that holds a horse's hoof so you don't have to.

Hoofjacks make lives easier for horses as well as horse owners, farriers, veterinarians, or anyone else who might have to pick up or handle a horse's hooves.

A Hoofjack hoof stand holds and supports a horse's hoof at a comfortable, adjustable height, both for front and back legs.

They come in several sizes (with each size being adjustable) to accommodate everything from miniature horses to draft horses. For more information on the Hoofjack please scroll down beneath the Hoofjacks for sale.

Below: A Standard size Hoofjack shown with the hoof cradle.

A Hoofjack with cradle

About the Hoofjacks for sale below:

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Hoofjack Sizes

The Hoofjack hoof stand comes in several different colors and sizes. Colors are NOT associated with sizes. The green links will take you to that size of Hoofjack on eBay.

Hoofjack Hoof Stands - Good Things To Know Before You Buy

The HoofJack hoof stand is designed to hold and comfortably support a horse's hoof through all phases of trimming, shoeing, treatment, or daily care.

It has a wide, sturdy base that supports one of two different included accessories: a post to hold the hoof while extending the leg forward, or a cradle to hold the hoof while bending the leg backward.

A knob on the side of the base can be loosened or tightened to easily adjust the height of the post or cradle, and also allows them to be changed from one to the other in seconds.

The base of the Hoofjack has two large, round magnets to hold rasps, nails, hoof picks, or other items that may need to be kept handy.

Below: A Hoofjack hoof stand with the post attachment, leg extended forward. You can see one of the magnets, facing toward the camera, holding tools.

A Hoofjack hoof stand with post accessory


Below: A Hoofjack with the cradle attachment, leg bent backward. The Hoofjack can hold a hoof completely hands-free, and allows the person to change their posture without having to put down the hoof.

This Hoofjack hoof stand is holding a horse's hoof


Below: Another look at the Hoofjack while using the cradle attachment.

Farrier using a Hoofjack to support a horse's hoof


Below: A Hoofjack hoof stand (on the right) with the post attachment, and one of the two magnets facing toward the camera holding a rasp.

A green Hoofjack showing one of the magnets


Hoofjack Uses

The folks at Hoofjack suggest a few possible uses of the Hoofjack, including: 


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