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B & W Defender Locking Gooseneck Coupler

The Defender coupler, made by B & W, is also called the "Defender Locking Gooseneck Coupler."

A gooseneck coupler is the piece that is inserted into the neck of a gooseneck trailer, then coupled, or hitched, onto the ball in the bed of the truck.

Below: Installing a Defender gooseneck coupler (black). See more information below.

Installing a Defender coupler

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About The Defender Coupler

The Defender coupler is highly popular for several reasons, including:

The B & W Defender gooseneck coupler is made in the USA in Humboldt, Kansas.

Installing The B & W Defender Coupler

On most gooseneck trailers it's easy to change couplers. Below are a few photos showing the coupler that came with a gooseneck trailer being removed and replaced by a B & W Defender coupler.

This is for general overview purposes only, and is not intended to be a how-to article. If you don't know how to replace a gooseneck trailer coupler, seek qualified assistance.


A gooseneck trailer coupler. This is the original coupler that came on the trailer.

Gooseneck trailer coupler


Loosening the nut to lower the coupler.

Loosening the nut on a trailer coupler


After loosening the nut and pulling the pin, the old coupler was lowered and removed.

Removing the pin on a gooseneck trailer coupler


Inserting the new Defender coupler. After the pin was re-inserted (it can be inserted in different holes in order to adjust the coupler for height when hooking to the truck)......

Installing the Defender coupler


......the nut was tightened. Installation of the new Defender coupler was complete.

Installed Defender coupler hitch


This photo is from a "truck bed eye view," showing the cone shape at the bottom of the Defender hitch. This shape helps funnel the ball into the coupler, making hooking onto the trailer easier.

The Defender coupler is cone shaped


Defender Coupler Videos

Below are a couple of videos about the B & W Defender gooseneck coupler.


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