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Working Ranch Cowboys Association (WRCA) Stray Gathering Photos, Finals, 2013 - Page 1 of 2

Stray gathering photos From Friday, November 08, 2013. Taken at the World Championship Ranch Rodeo (WCRR) in Amarillo, TX.

You can find more information on stray gathering lower on this same page beneath the pictures.

Stray Gathering Photos 2013 - Page 1 of 2

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Pitchfork Land and Cattle

Stray gathering at a ranch rodeo


Bud Higgs, Lonesome Pine Ranch

Lonesome Pine Ranch

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Brad Good, Swenson Land and Cattle, won the hearts of the entire crowd. After teammate Mark Voss headed one of the two steers in the stray gathering, Brad roped the heels and his horse began to buck......

A horse bucks in the stray gathering


......really buck. But notice Brad still has the heel rope in his right hand.

A bucking horse in the stray gathering


He still has it......

A rider rides a bucking horse in a ranch rodeo he gets closer to partner Mark, who had dismounted to tie the steer.

A horse bucks while a teammate ties a steer


And he still has it as he gets off, cowboy style, to help Mark.

Dismounting from a bucking horse


And even though he landed......

A rider jumps off of a bucking horse


......pretty rough......

A face-first landing from a bucking horse


......he never let go of the heel rope, and got up to help his teammate successfully tie the steer. Like we said, Brad Good won the hearts of the entire crowd.

Two teammates prepare to tie a stray steer


Left to right: Glen Collinge, Josh Lilly, and Wes Bailey; Arndt Ranch / Bailey Ranch

Arndt Ranch / Bailey Ranch compete in the stray gathering


Neshem Ranch / Roedeske Cattle Company

Chasing a steer in the stray gathering


Neshem Ranch / Roedeske Cattle Company

Jumping a rope in the stray gathering

All photos are copyrighted © and property of

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In case you're curious...

About Stray Gathering

In a Working Ranch Cowboys Association (WRCA) ranch rodeo contestants compete in teams representing ranches, not as individuals as in a "regular" rodeo. In the stray gathering event four members of the ranch rodeo team ride into the arena, then two steers are also turned into the arena. The team members must head, heel, and tie down both steers. The stray gathering event is a timed event, with the fastest time being the winner.

The information above is a general overview only, and is not complete.


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