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Jack Sorenson Posters

Jack Sorenson (1954-present) is a renowned Western artist.

Jack grew up on his father's dude ranch and movie set in Texas, and trained horses during his teens and into his early twenties before becoming a full time artist.

Sorenson's paintings often depict the working cowboy, as well as a light-heartedness that frequently features his nephew Ethan. For quotes from Mr. Sorenson, please see the bottom of our cowboy quotes page.

Below is a wonderful selection of Jack Sorenson posters and art on eBay. For more information on Jack Sorenson please see the bottom on this page.

From eBay and Etsy

See more Jack Sorenson art on Etsy

See more Jack Sorenson art on eBay

More Jack Sorenson Posters

The Jack Sorenson art below is available from Amazon.

Western Church by Jack Sorenson
Western Church by Jack Sorenson
Beautiful, deep colors enhance a scene where horses patiently wait outside a remote country church. See all "Western Church" items on Amazon.


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