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Below are photographs of cows and calves.

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A Longhorn cow in deep green summer garss.

A Longhorn cow in summer pasture


A Brahman/Angus cross cow and her calf.

A Brahma/Angus cross cow with her calf


A Charolais bull and Longhorn cows.

Longhorn cows and a Charolais bull

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An Ankole-Watusi (commonly referred to as just a "Watusi") cow relaxes in the grass. Some researchers believe that the large horns of the Watusi act like radiators: As blood circulates through the horns it cools then returns to the body.

A Watusi cow


A Longhorn cow and her calf.

A Texas Longhorn cow stands next to her calf


A curious calf peeks through the grass.

A curious calf


A red Brahman cow.

A red Brahman cow

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