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Below are pictures of bull riding wrecks. Bull riding is a very dangerous event in which a rider tries to ride a bucking bull for eight seconds.

Bull riding is competed in far more frequently by men than women, but there are women bull riders. You can find more information on the difference between men's and women's bull riding a little lower on this page, beneath the pictures.

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A bull rider can't get clear of a bucking bull


A bull wrecks his rider by sending him off the back

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A bull rider flies off the back off a gray bull


A bucking bull smashes a clown


A man gets picked up on the horns of a bucking bull


A rodeo bull throws an man into the air with his head

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Bull Riding Wrecks - Page 1

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Bull Riding - The Difference Between Men And Women

The rules for bull riding for men and women are different. Below is a brief overview of some of the differences.



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