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Bareback Bronc Riding Pictures, Black and White - Page 2 of 3

The photographs below are of Carpenter Rodeo Company bareback livestock.

Carpenter Rodeo was an open rodeo company that toured Kansas and Oklahoma for more than 40 years, retiring in 1999. If known, the names of the broncs, bronc riders, and locations are given.

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Douglass, KS, 1968

A bareback bronc in 1968


Randy Breckfelt and Blue Smoke

Randy Breckfelt and bronc Blue Smoke


Haysville (the name of the bronc)

The bronc Haysville bucking off a rider


Craig Marsolf

Bronc rider Craig Marsolf

All photos are copyrighted © and property of

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Bareback Bronc Riding Photo Credits

The photos on this page were taken by long-time Carpenter Rodeo Company photographer Steve Vanselous.

As you've probably noticed most of the photos on this page show bronc riders getting bucked off instead of making a ride. This is because, over the years, bronc riders usually purchased the photos from Steve Vanselous that showed themselves making a good ride.

The photos showing the bronc rider in a less flattering position didn't sell as well. When Steve stopped taking rodeo photos in the mid-1980s he sold his remaining photo inventory to Bill Carpenter of Carpenter Rodeo Company, and the majority of the remaining photos were of bronc riders getting bucked off. The photos on this page are from Bill's collection.

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