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Bareback bronc riding is a rodeo event in which a rider tries to ride a bucking horse, called a "bronc," for eight seconds.

Bareback bronc riding is one of the "roughstock" events of rodeo, which also include saddle bronc riding and bull riding. All of the roughstock events are judged events, which means the winners are determined by judges that score the riders and the bucking animals on how well they perform.

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Bareback bronc rider


A bareback bronc rider comes out of the chute

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Bareback bronc riding


Rodeo pickup men and a fallen bronc rider


A bareback bronc rider leans back on his bronc

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Bareback Bronc Riding

In bareback bronc riding the bronc rider rides the bronc, just as the name of the event implies, bareback without a saddle. The rider does use a "bareback rigging," a special piece of equipment designed just for the event. The bareback rigging goes around the bronc's girth and has a handhold at the top. Contestants sit behind the bareback rigging, holding on with one hand in the handhold of the rigging. The other hand, the "free hand," is not allowed to touch the rider, the bronc, or the bareback rigging.

Below: Photo of a bareback rigging. The rider sits behind the rigging and places one hand in the handhold at the top.

Bareback bronc riding rigging

Bareback Bronc Riding - The Difference Between Men And Women

While bareback bronc riding is competed in far more commonly by men than women, there are women bronc riders. The rules, however, for men and women are different. Below is a brief overview of some of the differences.


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