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Cowhide Purses

Cowhide purses and handbags for sale. A cowhide purse is made of leather, and may or may not include hair on the cowhide.

Below are cowhide purses, many of which have a Western design, for sale. There is usually a very good selection in different sizes and styles. Please scroll down for the difference between a purse and a handbag, and tips on buying a cowhide purse.

Below: A beautiful, simply styled, cowhide purse.

A cowhide purse with a shoulder strap

From eBay

Is A Purse The Same Thing As A Handbag?

These days, at least in the United States, the words "purse" and "handbag" are usually used to refer to the same type of item: A type of accessory carried by an individual that is used to hold personal items such as a wallet, keys, hair comb or brush, or a long list of other items the purse carrier chooses to include.

In the past, though, a purse and a handbag were different types of items. At one time the word "purse" was used to refer to a small pouch that held coins and/or paper money. A handbag, on the other hand, was the larger item (described in the previous paragraph) used to hold a variety of personal items, often including a purse.

Below: A small purse made of metal, leather (cowhide) and paper, circa 1855–60. Located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Note the beautiful deer in the center.

A small cowhide purse with a deer design


Below: A red cowhide purse. While cowhide purses are often desired for the beautiful, natural look of the cowhide, leather/cowhide does accept dye very well. This one has the best of both worlds: You can see the beautiful natural grain of the cowhide which looks great with the bright red color.

 A red cowhide purse

Cowhide Purse Savvy

Below are a few good things to know when buying a cowhide purse on eBay or anywhere else.


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