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Boys Cowboy Boots For Sale

Boys cowboy boots on eBay from Laredo, Frye, Justin, Acme, and many more. Choose from hundreds of boots in a wide variety of styles. How come a few of the cowboy boots shown are for girls, not boys? Some eBay sellers will list an item (like cowboy boots) in more than one category at a time (like girl's boots and boy's boots).

Below: Boys cowboy boots with a diamond pattern.

Boys cowboy boots with diamond pattern

Boys Cowboy Boots: Good Things To Know Before You Buy

Are the boots new or used (or "pre-owned" as it's often called these days)?

Are there enough good pictures of the boots that you can tell what the tops, soles, and heels are like? If the seller describes any damage to the boots (scuffs, loose stitches, etc.) are these shown in the photographs? If you do not feel the seller is showing enough photographs of the boots, ask them for more before you bid or buy.

If the seller claims the boots are a particular brand, do the photos show a stamp or other mark on the boots to back up their claim?

What size are the boys cowboy boots? Is the seller guessing at the size, or do they know for sure?

How tall are the boot's heels, and how tall are their tops? You may be able to get a good idea just from the photos, but, if necessary, you may have to ask the seller.

Will your little cowboy be using spurs with the boots? If so, do the boots provide an adequate spur ledge?

Do the boots have a square toe, "U" toe, etc.? Does it matter to you or your little cowboy?

What will the shipping charges be?

Will the seller ship to your area? How soon will the boots be shipped after you pay for them?

What payment methods does the seller accept?

Can the boots be returned? Don't just assume they can be; each eBay seller has their own policies. If the cowboy boots can be returned how, and when, will you be refunded? Will you be refunded for the full amount? What about shipping charges?

How soon after the sale do you have to pay for your purchase? An increasing number of eBay sellers are getting tired of buyers who take a long time to pay for their item. Some of these sellers are now requiring the item be paid for within a certain time frame or the sale is off. Read the item's description for acceptable payment times and terms.

Every eBay item for sale has a "Seller info" area. Be sure to check this area to view the feedback that previous buyers have left for that particular seller.

If you have any questions on a pair of boys cowboy boots be sure to ask the seller before you bid or buy. Look for the "Ask a question" link in the "Questions and answers about this item" area to ask your questions.


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