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Wild cow milking is a competitive event often held as part of a ranch rodeo.

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Wild cow milking: A contestant gets trampled


A wild cow tramples a cowboy


Ranch rodeo wild cow milking: A cowboy drags behind a cow

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Nearly face to face with a wild cow


One cowboy gets smashed in the dirt trying to milk a wild cow, while another ducks under the rope


A cowboy tries to take a rope off a cow in the wild cow milking


A cow jumps over a cowboy


In wild cow milking a judge checks for milk in the bottle

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About Wild Cow Milking

The rules can vary from one wild cow milking event to another depending on the preferences of the hosting rodeo committee, or according to whether or not the event is sanctioned by a governing body (such as the Working Ranch Cowboys Association).

In general, though, wild cow milking is a timed competition that begins when a cow is turned loose into the arena. A ranch rodeo team (four members per team is common) will then try to rope the cow, "mug" her (control her by hand, particularly the head), and milk her until they get a small amount of milk in a bottle.

The time usually stops after the cow is milked and one member of the team runs with the bottle to a designated area in the arena. For the time to count, there has to be a certain amount of milk in the bottle. For example, at many wild cow milkings there must be enough milk in the bottle that at least one drop runs out when the bottle is turned upside down. The team that can rope, mug, and milk their cow with the fastest time wins.

While wild cow milking is an event that is most commonly competed in by men, women are sometimes members of wild cow milking teams. Because of the size, speed, and strength of the cows, wild cow milking is an extremely difficult event to compete in.


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