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Horse Trailer Window Screens

Horse trailer window screens don't necessarily have to come with the trailer: They're often an accessory that can be added later.

Window screens on a horse trailer can go a long way to keep flying road debris out of your horse's face when hauling, and they can reduce the number of flies and insects entering the trailer when stopped. Using a window screen instead of a closed window also helps keep the trailer, and its equine occupants, ventilated and cool.

Below: A horse trailer without a window screen. A trailer without a window screen allows dirt, dust, bugs, and debris to fly into the trailer, possibly right into the horse's face or eyes.

A horse trailer without a window screen

From eBay and Amazon

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Save The Window Screen For Later

If you find a window screen for your horse trailer that you like but you're not ready to purchase it right away, you can always add it to your shopping cart so it will be easy to find later.

Important: Putting an item in your Amazon shopping cart or "Save for later" list does NOT reserve it! It just makes it easier to find if it's still in stock when you come back.

Below: Screenshot image showing the "delete" and "Save for later" links when an item is in the Amazon shopping cart.

Cowboy Amazon shopping cart


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