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Dove Wing Spur Straps For Sale

While the definition of a dove wing spur strap can vary, the term traditionally refers to a wide, one-piece spur strap in the shape of a dove's wing.

Because they are a single, one-piece strap they don't need buckles to join them together like other types of spur straps that are made of two pieces. They are a favorite with many cowboys and cowgirls.

Dove wing spur straps are also sometimes called "bird wing" or "pigeon wing" spur straps. For more information on dove wing spur straps please scroll down beneath the spur straps for sale.

Below: A pair of dove wing spur straps.

Dove wing spur straps in a stirrup

From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

Below are dove wing spur straps for sale. NOTE: Occasionally spur straps that aren't dove wings show up in the items below. Make sure the spur straps you're looking at are actually dove wings.

See more dove wing spur straps on Etsy

See more dove wing spur straps on eBay

More About Dove Wing Spur Straps

Like we said above, dove wing spur straps are usually considered to be wide, one-piece spur straps in the shape of a dove's wing that don't have buckles. Since they don't have buckles each dove wing is a single strap, whereas other styles of spur straps are two straps that are joined together by buckles.

Below: A pair of dove wing spur straps before being put on a pair of spurs. When worn with spurs on a pair of boots the "Mill Iron U" brand will be across the arch of the foot.

A pair of new dove wing spur straps with a brand

Not everyone uses the term "dove wing" to describe a spur strap in the same way. Below is a little more information about dove wing spur straps.


Below: The yellow arrows are pointing to holes in one end of dove wing spur straps. By using different holes when attaching spurs the straps can be adjusted to fit narrower or wider feet.

Showing the holes that make dove wings adjustable for width



Below: Dove wing spur straps with a basket-stamp design.

Basket stamped dove wing spur straps


Below: The same spur straps shown above only this time shown from the front.

Dove wing spur straps shown from the front


Below: Dove wings being used by a working cowboy.

Dove wings worn by a working cowboy

Other Spur Straps

Below: Spur straps that are not dove wings. Each strap is two separate pieces that join together by buckles.

Two-piece spur straps with buckles


Below: These spur straps are wide across the arch of the foot like most dove wings, but they are two pieces joined together with buckles. Therefore they are not dove wings, at least not by the traditional definition.

Two-piece spur straps


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