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Cowboy Santa Figurines

Below are cowboy Santa figurines for sale. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. Most of them are new, but a few of them are used/vintage.

For good information to know before buying a Santa figurine, please scroll down. You might also like: Cowboy Christmas Ornaments.

Below: A cowboy Santa figurine with his horse. The horse is carrying a Christmas tree on the saddle as Santa kneels beside him in blue chaps, giving him a drink from his cowboy hat.

A cowboy Santa figurine with horse and Christmas tree


From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

See more cowboy Santa figurines on Amazon

See more cowboy Santa figurines on eBay


Cowboy Santa Figurines - Good Things To Know Before You Buy

Below are good things to know when buying a cowboy Santa figurine off the Web or anywhere else.

Below: A smiling cowboy Santa figurine with a hat, boots with spurs, work-type gloves, and a green shirt.

A cowboy Santa hats, boots, and spurs

Below: A jolly cowboy Santa wearing a vest and chaps, and with mistletoe in his hat brim, a candy cane in his holster, and another candy cane is his hand.

A cowboy Santa figurine with mistletoe and candy canes


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