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Cheyenne Frontier Days Steer Wrestling Photos - Page 2 of 2

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - The Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo -
Steer Wrestling Photos - Page 2 of 2

Steer Wrestling Photos - Page 2 of 2


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When we left off at steer wrestling photos page 1, the steer wrestlers were beginning a streak of bad luck. Unfortunately, that streak continued.

Steer wrestler Billy Bugenig, Ferndale, CA

Billy Bugenig, Ferndale, CA.

A steer wrestler gets down on his steer

Billy Bugenig

Steer wrestler has trouble with a steer

The steers were big, fresh, and had a 30 foot score.

A steer rips the shirt off a steer wrestler

This steer seemed to have definite opinions about fashion.

A steer wrestler in a torn shirt

Billy Bugenig qualified for his first Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in 2010, and ended it by sharing the average title with Dean Gorsuch. While things didn't go his way this particular day, he handled it with class.

The bad luck for the steer wrestlers just wouldn't go away.

Steer wrestler Kyle Whitaker, Chambers, NE

Kyle Whitaker, Chambers, NE.

A steer wrestler gets down on a steer

Kyle Whitaker.

A steer wrestler with his feet off the ground

Kyle Whitaker.

A steer wrestler getting thrown around by a steer

Kyle Whitaker.

Steer wrestler Kyle Whitaker struggles with his steer wrestling steer

Kyle Whitaker.

Remember when we said the bad luck wouldn't go away? It really wouldn't.

Steer wrestler Wyatt Kinghorn, Lewisville, ID

Wyatt Kinghorn, Lewisville, ID

A steer wrestler nearly face-to-face with his steer

Wyatt Kinghorn.

A steer gets a steer wrestler off of the ground

Wyatt Kinghorn.

A steer wrestler continues to struggle with his steer

Wyatt Kinghorn.

A steer manages to pull away from a steer wrestler

Wyatt Kinghorn.

There was still more bad news ahead for the steer wrestlers.

Steer wrestler Trace Nickolson, Taber, AB

Trace Nickolson, Taber, AB.

A steer wrestler misses his steer

Trace Nickolson.

A steer wrestler crashes to the ground

Trace Nickolson.

Finally, we're happy to say Todd Maughan had a run that ended with a qualified time.

Steer wrestler odd Maughan, Airdrie AB

Todd Maughan, Airdrie AB.

Todd Maughan ends his steer wrestling run with a qualified time

This run for Todd Maughan ended with a qualified time.

Last but not least, more bad news.

Steer wrestler Gabe Burrows, Hugton, KS

Gabe Burrows, Hugton, KS.

A couple of photos of track events after the steer wrestling.

Match horse race

At the end of one of the sessions of steer wrestling there was another match race on the racetrack.

Dinner Bell Derby

 At the end of a different session of steer wrestling was the Dinner Bell Derby. These colts were turned loose a little way up the racetrack, then they dashed down the track to their mothers.


More Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Photos

All photos are copyrighted © and property of

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