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The "Circle Of Fear" is a contest sometimes held at a bull riding or rodeo.

It is not a formalized or sanctioned event, so the details and rules vary from one contest to another. In general, though, to play Circle Of Fear volunteers are asked to enter the arena and stand inside of a circle made with flour (or chalk, etc.) on the arena floor. Sometimes there's one big circle for all of the contestants to share, and at other times each contestant has their own, smaller, individual circle.

Either way, when the contestants are in place a fighting bull is turned loose into the arena. (Yes, the contestants know about the bull. Yes, they volunteer to play anyway.) The object of the game is simple: The last contestant to stay in the circle wins a prize, typically something in the neighborhood of $100.00.

The Circle Of Fear is a lot of fun for the spectators and the bull, if not always for the contestants. Below are a few Circle Of Fear pictures. In the Circle Of Fear contest where these photos were taken all the contestants shared one large circle.

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When the contest started the bull wasted no time and headed straight for the first guy he saw.

Circle Of Fear contestants charged by a bull


In a lucky break (for the bull, that is) the first guy happened to line up with another guy......

Circle Of Fear bull hits a man in the chest the bull took them both down with one hit. The guy on the left was knocked out of the circle and was therefore out of the contest. The other guy, the "lucky" one underneath the bull, was knocked down inside the circle and got to keep playing.

Bull knocks contestant out of the Circle Of Fear

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After the initial charge, the bull slowed down a little and some contestants felt confident enough to be rude. This one sticks his tongue out.

Circle Of Fear contestant sticks his tongue out at a bull


A few seconds later, though, it was the bull treating one of the contestants rudely. Very, very, rudely. Shortly after the photo below was taken there was only one contestant left inside the Circle Of Fear and he was declared the winner. It's too bad, because the bull seemed to be having such a good time.

Circle Of Fear bull horns a man

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