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Working Ranch Cowboys Association (WRCA) Ranch Bronc Riding Photos, Finals 2013 - Page 2 of 2

Photos From Saturday, November 09, 2013. Taken at the World Championship Ranch Rodeo (WCRR) in Amarillo, TX.

Ranch Bronc Riding Photos 2013 - Page 2 of 2

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Rider: Kolby Stock
Team: KW Cattle Company / Diamond E Ranch Ranch
State: Kansas

Ranch bronc rider Kolby Stock


Rider: Jesse Jolly
Team: Jolly Ranch / Lord Ranch
State: Colorado

Jesse Jolly rides for the Jolly/Lord ranches


Rider: Ryan Rhinehart
Team: Buford Ranches / Craig County
State: Oklahoma

Ryan Rhinehart rides a blue roan ranch bronc


Rider: Wes Bailey
Team: Arndt Ranch / Bailey Ranch
State: Kansas

Wes Bailey rides for the Arndt/Bailey ranches


Rider: Pat Butler
Team: Pitchfork Ranch, Oklahoma Division / Barrett Cattle
State: Oklahoma

Pat Butler rides a ranch brock


Rider: Craig McKenzie
Team: Neshem Ranch / Roedeske Cattle Company
State: North Dakota

A ranch bronc rider


Rider: Chris Laucomer
Team: Four Three Land and Cattle / FX Bar Ranch
State: Wyoming

A ranch bronc ride at the WCRR


Rider: Tyler Bridges
Team: Wilson Cattle / T4 Cattle
State: Texas

Ranch bronc riding at the World Championship Ranch Rodeo


Rider: Dennis Carlton, Jr.
Team: Carlton and Carlton Ranch / Bellflower Cattle
State: Florida

A rider on a ranch bronc


Rider: Alan Rabel
Team: Swenson Land and Cattle
State: Texas

Alan Rabel rides a Harry Vold bronc


Rider: Chris Potter
Team: Lonesome Pine Ranch
State: Kansas

Chris Potter on a dun ranch bronc


Rider: Tyler Rice
Team: Sandhill Cattle Company
State: Texas

A Harry Vold ranch bronc


Rider: Alan Rabel
Team: Swenson Land and Cattle
State: Texas

Alan Rabel rides a bronc for Swenson Land and Cattle

All photos are copyrighted © and property of

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