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Below are pictures of bronc riding wrecks. The photos vary and could be from ranch bronc riding, bareback bronc riding, or saddle bronc riding. If you would like more information on the different types of bronc riding, you can see the information underneath the pictures on the following pages: Bareback Bronc Riding Pictures, Saddle Bronc Riding Pictures, and Ranch Bronc Riding Pictures.

While bronc riding is competed in more frequently by men than women, in professional rodeo there are women bareback bronc riders. You can find information on the difference between men's and women's bareback bronc riding a little lower on this page, beneath the pictures.

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A bronc rider gets bucked off and lands with his head in the dirt


A bronc rider goes over the arena fence


Below: Sometimes, not all bronc riding wrecks are, well, wrecks. This bronc actually landed this jump, sprang up high, then stumbled to toss the bronc rider over his head (see the next photo). This photo was taken from up in the bleachers, which is what we're guessing caused the illusion of a hopeless nosedive.

A bucking bronc avoids a wreck


A bronc rider gets bucked off over the head of a horse


A bucking horse throws his rider


A bronc rider lands with his head buried in the dirt after getting bucked off


A bronc rider flies high over the head of a bronc

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Bronc Riding - The Difference Between Men And Women

In women's professional rodeo women compete in bareback bronc riding. In men's professional rodeo men also compete in bareback bronc riding, but the rules for men and women bareback bronc riders are somewhat different. Below is a brief overview of some of the differences.

The Mark Out Rule

Like their male counterparts, women competing in bareback bronc riding compete under the mark out rule. However, there are some differences in the mark out rule for men vs. the mark out rule for women.

If you need more information on the mark out rule you can see our page on it here: The mark out rule.


Photo Pages

Photos of a specific topic (for example, bareback bronc riding) that are likely to have been taken on different days and/or at different event venues.

Event Photos

These are photos taken at one single event venue (for example - a particular rodeo on a certain day).


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