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Antler Knives

Antler knives in different types, styles, and sizes for sale. The types of knives vary greatly, with significant differences in length of blade, length of handle, style of knife, the type of antler (deer, elk, etc.), who made the knife, and more.

Some of the antler knives you will find are new, others are old. Some come with sheaths or display mounts, while others are just the knife by itself. Still others aren't knives at all: instead, they're a piece of antler so you can make your own knife. You must read the seller's description carefully to know the specifics on any antler knife you are interested in.

Below: An antler knife. The handle of this knife is made from whitetail deer antler. The handle is 4 inches long, and the blade is 3 and 3/4 inches long.

Antler knife. The handle is made from whitetail deer antler.

From eBay

Antler knives are commonly made from both real antlers and reproductions (faux). Read the item's description carefully to know what any particular knife you may be interested in is made of.

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What Are Antlers?

Antlers are a bony growth at the top of the skull found on some members of the animal family Cervidae. This family includes deer, elk, moose, and others. Antlers are most commonly found on males only, but in some cases (such as with reindeer/caribou) can also be found on females.

Below: A buck (male) deer with large antlers.

A buck deer with antlers


Antlers are grown, shed, and re-grown, usually on an annual cycle. When an antler falls off due to the natural growth and re-growth cycle, the fallen antler is referred to as a "shed." Many items, such as antler knives, are made from sheds.

Below: A collection of shed antlers, or "sheds." Many antler knives are made from sheds.

Shed antlers laying on a wooden deck

What Are Some Of The Differences Between Horns and Antlers?


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