Quarter Horses and Texas - What You Might Not Know

Texas has over 260,000 square miles of land, making it the 2nd largest state in the United States. By the way, that's square miles, not acres. To put it simply, Texas is big.

And, in that huge state of Texas, there are horses. Lots of horses. Approximately 979,000 of them to be exact-ish. More than any other breed, Texas has Quarter Horses, approximately 453,600 of them.

Since there are so many Quarter Horses in Texas, it's no surprise that it's the home of the headquarters of the American Quarter Horses Association, or AQHA, the largest breed registy in the world. Located in Amarillo, TX, the AQHA headquarters is next door to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. Both are located just off of Interstate Highway 40.