Horses and Kansas - What You Might Not Know

While the information we found varied, the best estimate we can come up with is that the state of Kansas has a horse population of roughly 100,000 horses (some sources say more, others say less). By comparison, Kansas has a cattle population of approximately 6 million.

So, on a page about horses for sale in the state of Kansas, why are we mentioning cattle, too? We think it's worth mentioning because the huge beef industry in Kansas is largely horse powered. Kansas is covered with two enormous areas famous for their rich grazing lands: The Kansas Flinthills and the Kansas Gypsum Hills. These areas of Kansas - and many more in between - are covered with beef cattle.

Huge numbers of cattle take a lot of management, and, in most cases in Kansas, you can thank a horse for the labor it takes to place the cattle on grass, manage them, and gather them to sell. There are also cattle feedlots, small and large, all across the state with hardworking horses providing horse power to keep them up and running. So, hats off to horses in Kansas, a horse-powered state!