How It Works / FAQs

Have questions? We’ll try to answer our most frequently asked questions below!

How much do ads cost?

All ads, including 4 photos, are FREE!

What about YouTube videos?

YouTube videos are also free! To place a video in your ad simply copy the video’s URL (click/tap the address bar and copy) and paste the URL in your ad’s description. (Or, you can click/tap the “share” button that goes with the video and copy the URL from there.)

Will my ad show up immediately after I place it?

Due to spam activity we manually read and approve each new ad. That means there will be a delay between the time you place your ad and the time it shows up on the site.

Do I have to register to place an ad?

No, but we recommend that you do.

If you do register all you need to do is enter a username, email, and password. You’ll be done in a moment and you can begin placing ads immediately. You can return to edit your ad(s) or place new ones at anytime.

If you do not register you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to edit your ad. Without being able to access the email that has the link you won’t be able to do any editing or deleting.

Registering is fast, easy and free. You can register here.

How long do ads run?

All ads run for 6 months.

Can I edit or delete my ad?


If you registered: To edit or delete an ad, first need to login. You will see your ads and will be able to edit or delete them.

If you did not register: Find the email we sent to you when you placed your ad. Click on the link inside to edit your ad.

What kind of photos (file formats) can I use?

All photos must be in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png file format.