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Bred- Register nineteen year old, been there, done that, riding mare. Carrying a 2022 blue or bay roan, blue valentine foal.  She’s a nice riding mare, was well broke, but she’s been standing years, so she needs a tune up.  I got her from my neighbor, we have known her an him over past 10 years. I got her home, cleaned her up an I put a tune up on her a few months back, with little work she went right back into riding. She’s well broke, he said the last the owner he got her from this lady an his next door  neighbor an friend, told him she used her as lesson horse, at her riding business where she’s gives lesson an is a instructor as well as a horse an people trainer. She told him that she had past reining training. He said she’s put him on her an showed him how to make her spin an he bought her from her. I can’t confirm that past.  I do know her as well an that she is a trainer an instructor here in town an has a pretty well known business, her an husband do for training, lessons, clinics…. So I reached out to her too, only because I needed help getting the horse reg in my name. We only texted an she did not say much just told me she got her from her neighbors when they moved, she told me she was their kids horse an she told me she rode her through obstacle at her training place an told me she was a lot of fun to ride. So now she is reg in my name an I have her new papers. But again she’s been standing a few months now again, since I put a tune up on her after I bred her an it got to hot out an so she will need good tune up after she foals. She’s stays fat on air ! Grass an hay alone. She’s bred to my
Homozygous black & homozygous roan stud who Blue valentine /Joe Hancock stud horse, that’s green broke fresh home from trainers with amazing temperament. She will foal next spring for a 2022 blue or bay roan foal. My stud is high blue valentine at 47% so this foal will get half his blue valentine %’s, so even at half, that’s pretty high.  
Here are the %’s of all the bloodlines in my stud.  So u can do the math an cut these %’s in half an that’s what ur foal will have, half of all of its sire %’s
My stud reg name is ANDERSON WYO HAYES47
An can also be found on an his  pedigree on
Crossbreed 27 crosses an 9 generations an is a
Homozygous black & homozygous roan
Blue Roan Stud
Blue Valentine 47.12%
Leo Hancock Hayes 21.88%
Rowdy Blue man 20.31
Joe Hancock 13.28
FunnyB BlueRowdygirl  37.50%
Bonny Blue 12.50%
WYO Advantage12.50%
Blues Kingfisher 18.75%
Blues Almost Roan 12.50%
Goose berry 9.38%
Plenty Try 6.25%
Texas Blue Bonnet 6%
This is a great opportunity for some who wants a nice riding horse an a registered blue valentine bay or blue roan project foal of ur own. This mare is not a brood mare, she has had maybe had one or two foal in her life. So she’s not a brood mare at all, never was. She’s a riding horse, I know him personally her past owner of past 10 years an know of the lady he got her from . I know her an where’s she’s been over half her life.  She kinda fell in my hands, I was not looking for another horse I have my own to careful an a foal on the way myself out of our mare we have had since she was 2.  I don’t need another horse. So I took her because he had no where for her to go an I did not want to see her go to a sale or a bad home because she is a good horse, I felt bad for her, so I took her in , cleaned up her feet, worked her an I tuned her up to insure I would to find her the good home she deserves.  After standing years in my neighbor’s pasture mothering his cows, llamas an sheep. She’s a good mom of all animals. No bit, kick, buck or rare. She ties, baths, stalls, an is okay to catch she don’t come up to u but only walks off few feet then she stands to be caught. She was great protector to his llamas, their babies an the lil mutton sheep she protect from loose dogs. I would like to see her go to good home an someone looking for nice trail/riding horse. She’s not lazy an she would make a great endurance horse, she can go all day with out getting tired an when u ask her to lope off, she does till u ask her to stop, she’s in great shape an can go an go, great stamina an a very push button horse, but with to many buttons for me to understand. She does fine alone, she lived alone for the past 10 years. I only want out of her the worth my blue valentine foal she’s carrying an I want to insure she gets a good home. Blue valentine foals of this % are worth this or lil more. So U get a reg roan foal an riding horse both for only price of blue valentine foal. . So I’m only looking to get 6,500 For a two in one package deal, so only value of the BV foal. Look I’m in no hurry, good home an family of her own is a must. She’s fine here for now. Before she leaves, I will have her vet checked for pregnancy wellness check up an ultrasound to guarantee she’s

August 3, 2021 9:11 am

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