Below are horse trailers with different types of living quarters for sale. We say "different types" because not all living quarters in a horse trailer are the same. Some living quarters are large and elaborate (think "home away from home") while others are much smaller and less - or not at all - fancy (think "functional"). For more information about horse trailers and "weekender packages" please move down the page beneath the trailers for sale.

Is A "Weekender Package" The Same as Living Quarters?

Some horse trailers have accomadations commonly called a "weekender package." Is that the same thing as a trailer with living quarters? The answer is yes, no, or maybe. It just depends on who you ask.

A "weekender package" is a type of horse trailer with scaled down living quarters when compared to a horse trailer with full living quarters. Instead of being designed for the living quarters to be suitable for living in for many days or weeks, "weekenders" have living quarters designed to be comfortable - or at least functional - for shorter periods, such as a weekend.

Exactly what the differences are between full living quarters and a weekender varies: Typically, though, weekenders have a living area that is smaller than full living quarters, and scaled down living amenities. For example, weekenders may or may not have a stove or refrigerator, restroom, shower, bed, or other items commonly found in full living quarters. If they do have them, they might be smaller and not as full-featured as the ones in trailers with full living quarters.