Thoroughbreds For Sale

The Thoroughbred horse is one of the best known horse breeds in the world.

While they are probably most famous as race horses, Thoroughbreds excel in many other areas, too. They are commonly the mount of choice for riders in dressage and polo, jumping disciplines such as hunters and jumpers, and more. They are also used in Western riding disciplines, including being used as trail horses and ranch horses.

Some Thoroughbreds are among the most famous horses in the world. For example, most people quickly recognize the names Secretariat (horse racing’s 1973 Triple Crown winner) and Seabiscuit (a famous racehorse from the 1930s and early 1940). Both of these famous horses were nationwide fan favorites, spawning huge followings of their careers on the racetrack, and books and movies after their retirement.

Below are Thoroughbred horses for sale.