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We hope you enjoy our orginal, humorous and entertaining short stories about the cowboy and Western lifestyle. If you're going to be a cowboy or cowgirl, it really helps to have a sense of humor.

A Conversation With Shredder
A cowboy chute hands talks a bucking bull into attacking a "bull poker" table, even though he doesn't want to.

Doing What Comes Naturally
A free-running stallion attacks a cowgirl while she's gathering cattle.

A Good, Plain Brown Horse
A modest cow girl and her horse quietly save the day. (This is the only short story on the page that isn't humorous.)

No Business
Some people really shouldn't be bull riders.

No Place To Park
A cranky Brahma cow attacks a truck and her owners accidentally parked on her. She was fine, by the way, but she didn't have a sense of humor about it.
  A Brahma cow on the cover of a funny cowboy story about when her owners accidentally parked on top of her

Oh, Chute
An humorous ode to rodeo chute help.
  Book cover to the short story: Oh, Chute

Racehorse Bronc
A beautiful palomino racehorse couldn't decide whether to be a racehorse or a bronc.

Something Interesting
Bored cowboys are asked to rope a runaway bull loose in a housing area.


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