Tips To Sell Your Horse Fast

A few simple tips can help people find your for sale your horse for sale and sell it quickly.

A young girl and a horse walking away

Be Visible

In order for your horse to sell, potential buyers have to find him. Whether people are searching for a horse on an Internet search engine (like Google or Bing), or searching on a “horse for sale” website, they need to be able to find your horse. Here are a few tips for getting more traffic to you online ads, which is the first step to a fast sale.

Your Ad’s Title
When you place your ad online you’ll be asked to enter a title for it. When choosing the words for your title, you should know those words will be given high importance by internet search engines like Google or Bing, as well as built-in search engines on any website the horse is advertised on.

Simply put, the words in your ad’s title help people find your horse.

Below: An example of a title showing up in search engine results. See the green arrow.

An example of a search engine title

Examples Of Good and Bad Titles
Let’s say you have a team roping horse for sale. He’s a 10 year old heading horse, a gelding, and gentle enough for about anyone to ride.

Bad Title
“Awesome, sweet, team roping horse!!! Very loving!”

What’s wrong with this title? It’s unlikely that someone using an internet search engine (like Google or Bing) or the “search” area on a “horse for sale” website would search for for a horse like this using the words “awesome,” “sweet,” or “very loving.”

Better Title
“Heading Horse For Sale, Gelding, Gentle, Utah”

Why is this title better? The words “Heading horse for sale” are likely to be words someone uses to find a horse. The other words (“gelding,” “gentle,” and “Utah” or other state) are likely to be used, too.

Write An Accurate, Easy To Understand Description

Once you you’ve written your title it’s time to move on to writing the description for the horse you’d like to sell. When writing your description, above all, be honest. Don’t sell your horse short, but don’t exaggerate or lie. Remember the old saying “There’s a lid for every pot.” While it’s corny, it’s an accurate way of saying the right buyer is out there looking for your horse.

It will be faster to sell your horse by talking to the right potential buyers rather than wasting time answering emails and phone calls from people who realize they aren’t interested after they get more information from you.

Another consideration regarding writing accurate descriptions is being kind to your horse. You will want your horse to be found by the right buyer not only for the buyer’s sake, but for the sake of your horse. Describe your horse accurately so that they go to a good home and so that everyone, including your horse, is happy about the sale.

Because your description should be easy for a potential buyer to understand, use good grammar when writing it. For example, using complete sentences with correct spelling and punctuation will not only make your ad easier to read and understand, it will help avoid any potential confusion on the part of the potential buyer.

Also, resist the urge to use abbreviations or acronyms in your ad’s description. They’re shorter and quicker for you to type, but not everyone understands what they mean. Things like FSBO (for sale by owner), UTD (up to date, usually used when referring to things like dental care and vaccinations), or OTTB (off-the-track Thoroughbred) can confuse a lot of people.

With enough confusion a buyer for your horse may not even contact you when they would otherwise be interested. The only thing that takes more time than a slow sale is no sale at all.

A lady confused about reading a horse's description

Setting A Price

Setting the right price for your horse can be difficult. One of the reasons is because many of us are guilty of accidentally inflating our horse’s “for sale” price. This is often done by unintentionally adding emotional baggage to the price: We remember all the work, sweat equity, and time we’ve spent on our horse and want to be financially compensated for it in the sale.

However, sale prices don’t always work out like that. If you want to sell your horse quickly you will need to find out what other horses similar to yours have recently sold for. Don’t pay attention to asking prices, but find out what similar horses actually sold for. Then do a brutally honest self-appraisal of your horse and decide if it really is comparable to those other horses.

Lastly, Advertise Your Horse Like A Pro

One last tip for selling your horse quickly is to advertise your horse like a pro. You can find tips for that here, in our article: How To Sell Your Horse Online.